What is the Psychodynamic Approach?

It can be really confusing knowing where to start when seeking counselling or psychotherapy. Psychodynamic counselling grew out of the psychoanalytic tradition.

  • It is underpinned by the idea that each of us has an unconscious – aspects of our lives that sit outside of conscious awareness, that can drive us to think, feel, and behave in ways that we do not understand, or even register.

Think of times when you have known what to do about something and yet still find yourself doing the thing that ultimately goes against that better judgment. It can be deeply upsetting and frustrating.

  • Psychodynamic therapy would seek to understand, to be gently curious, about why we might go against ourselves in this way, rather than simply seek to stop doing the unhelpful thing.
  • It is about getting to the root of the issue and tending to the healing from the bottom up.
  • It focuses on the relationship between the therapist and the client because the way we relate to each other may often tell us about your early relationships and the templates for relationships that have developed out of your experiences.

What Might It Be Like To Work With Me?

I do not take for granted that you will feel safe with me as safety means different things to different people and trust is grown in a relationship that shows itself to be trustworthy. This is something we work towards and with. I welcome your honesty and when honesty feels too scary, we can talk around fears to do with honesty, what risks are at play for you, in the context of your experiences.

A therapeutic relationship can be a vital space in trying out new ways of relating, of speaking hurts even if you feel they might seem ‘unreasonable’, of asserting yourself and taking up space and agency in your life. I aim to create a place where you can experiment, try things out, not be pinned down by the things you say, and where we can listen to the lesser heard aspects of you with care.

To get a better sense of whether I am someone you would like to work with see my About Me page.

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